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  1. The sympathetic nervous system is another name for the “fight of flight” response?10
  2. The availability of 5-HTP in the body, before it is converted into serotonin, is provided with a blend of what 3 adaptogenic herbs?10

    Check all that apply

  3. The most common TCM formula for ANS over activity is:10
  4. The parasympathetic tones of the autonomic nervous system causes a ________ feeling.10
  5. Our definition of stress is your body’s conscious or unconscious reaction to your ___________ situation.10
  6. What 2 categories of nutrient therapies are especially favored for balancing the emotional aspects of an over active, sympathetic ANS system?10

    Check all that apply.

  7. How long of an exercise is required for proper ANS balancing?10
  8. Non ANS nerve enervated organs and systems are stimulated to a sympathetic response by the adrenal gland’s production of:10
  9. The 4 parts of diaphragmatic breathing are:10

    Check all that apply.

  10. Of all the ANS regulated systems in the body, what single system has the capability of being controlled by the ANS or consciously operated?10
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