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  1. Which one of these is NOT an anticoagulant (thins the blood)?10
  2. Professor Smith mentions a Nattokinase Formula that helps improve blood flow as it helps dissolve fibrin and supports platelet aggregation levels. What does it include?10

    Select all that apply

  3. What mineral is an excellent preventative of serious rhythm disturbances that often accompany heart attacks?10
  4. Which one is NOT one of the four primary causes of poor lipid profile (high rancid cholesterol)?10
  5. Which of the items below are antioxidants?10

    Select all that apply.

  6. What mineral or herb relaxes the arteries so blood flows better?10
  7. What is the biggest culprit of an irregular heartbeat?10
  8. What herb opens up the arteries and has excellent effects on blood lipids, platelet activity, and vasodilator action?10
  9. What raises HDL and reduces the rancid LDL?10
  10. What is the key product for the circulatory system?10
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