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  1. Type II diabetes requires insulin injections to stabilize sugar.10
  2. Which one is NOT an initial reaction of insulin resistance?10
  3. Which herb has NOT been linked to promoting stable blood sugar regulation?10
  4. All individuals with hyperinsulinemia become diabetic.10
  5. What mineral is primarily involved in insulin production?10
  6. 95% of diabetics have this type of diabetes:10
  7. What fruit has been known to stabilize blood sugar levels?10
  8. If you reduce sugar intake, but continue to eat white bread, rice, and pasta in large amounts, those carbohydrate-dense foods will mimic straight sugar.10
  9. According to Professor Smith’s estimations, the underlying issues related to diabetes make it what number on the list of the leading killers in the United States?10
  10. Annual sugar consumption in the United States is _________ per person.10
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