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  1. What type of dysfunction is a problem with the cell’s utilization of the hormone?10
  2. Link the proper gland/organ to the proper order in the endocrine system cascade of communication. 1. Monitors hormone blood levels and sends neurological signals to the next gland/organ. 2. Sends the signal to the primary endocrine glands to initiate hormone production. It does this by depositing secretion hormones into the blood. 3. Produces the hormones the body needs after receiving the signal. 4. Processes/Metabolizes hormones distributing them into the blood stream for proper cellular use.10
  3. What gland/organ metabolizes hormones for use in the body? Dr. Nuzum refers to it as the “primary processing center” for endocrine hormones.10
  4. The feedback loop that reacts based on an external feedback such as insulin being released following the consumption of sugar is a _____________.10
  5. What gland/organ monitors the blood hormone level and begins the cascade of hormone communication?10
  6. The feedback loop that recycles over and over until it finishes, such as inflammation, fever or childbirth is a ____________.10
  7. The health of what gland/organ determines the rate of conversion from T4 Thyroxin (what the thyroid primarily produces) to T3 triiodothyronine (what the cells use)?10
  8. There are 4 hormones that do not get metabolized by the liver before they are put into the blood stream. Select the one that IS NOT one of these 4 hormones.10
  9. What type of dysfunction is a problem in the gland production?10
  10. The commonly recognized reason for all Type-2 endocrine dysfunctions is inflammation, but the underlying root cause of the Type 2 inflammation is: (Select the 2 that apply according to Dr. Nuzum).10

    Select all that apply.

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