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  1. Cod Liver Oil is high in what vitamin?10
  2. What is the purpose of using bentonite clay water during a cleanse?10
  3. In the United States, how much of the milk actually has to be “milk” in milk products?10
  4. According to Dr. Jensen, how should a person prepare for a cleanse?10
  5. According to Dr. Jensen, what is the best sweetener a person can use?10
  6. According to Dr. Jensen, what is the best method of water delivery for cleansing the colon?10
  7. Anytime there is fungus anywhere on the body, which organ does Dr. Jensen believe is out of balance?10
  8. Nitrates and nitrites in lunch meat and hot dogs can be hard on which body system?10
  9. What is Dr. Jensen’s general rule of thumb for just about any type of bulk herb tea?10
  10. Dr. Jensen talks about an herbal tea that contains all the following properties: it is a lubricant, it is mucilaginous, it is slippery, it is gelatinous, it soothes the intestinal tract, and it helps burning in the esophagus. What is this tea?10
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