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  1. Dr. Voll’s research helped substantiate:10
  2. The best and only true points recognized for the lung organ system are located within the lung meridian channel?10
  3. Which one of the following is a synonym for your body’s bio-electrical or vital energy?10
  4. A meridian is a circulatory pathway through which our body’s vital bio-electrical energy flows?10
  5. We discussed 10 primary channels, 2 for each of the 5 elements?10
  6. What is the first vessel in the meridian vessel cycle?10
  7. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Therapy, which meridian is recognized as bringing in revitalizing chi from external sources?10
  8. A point is the same as an:10
  9. The meridian channel system is a part of holistic anatomy and physiology?10
  10. Which one of the following is NOT recognized as an effective way to stimulate a point?10
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