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  1. Fibrinogen is produced by the body and can be converted into the protein fibrin. Both are blood clotting factors. This natural process, when it is out of balance, can result in an increased risk to blood clot and stroke. This nutrient is a blend of enzymes that breaks down excess fibrin and fibrinogen, helping balance the body’s blood viscosity.10
  2. This diverse nutrient has been used for generations to simultaneously increase circulation and lower blood pressure. It has been shown to promote the conversion of old, rancid cholesterol into bile acids that can be excreted by the body.10
  3. Traditional uses of this herb are to normalize heartbeat, stabilize arrhythmias and especially useful for the treatment of angina. Referred to by Professor Smith as the herb of the heart.10
  4. Considered an essential nutrient for the body, 1 gram a day of this concentrate reduced the risk of sudden death by heart related causes by 45%. It is critical in every aspect of cardiovascular wellness.10
  5. What is one of the only antioxidants that our body can make with the proper levels of B vitamins, specifically B6?10
  6. One of the four alkaline minerals of the body, of which two are also electrolyte minerals. This mineral is referred to by Professor Smith as the mineral of the heart. It is also critical in supplementation because electrolyte minerals do not stay bound in food when they are heated.10
  7. BONUS QUESTION – Oxidized LDL, or rancid LDL as Professor Smith refers to it, can be tested with what kind of test?0

    BONUS QUESTION – worth 0 points

  8. This nutrient is one of, if not the most, highly effective anti-inflammatory compounds. This is particularly important for atherosclerosis (artery plaque), as well as all other cardiovascular inflammatory responses.10
  9. One of the oldest and most traditionally used nutrients for inhibiting platelet aggregation and encouraging the breakdown and production of fibrin (clotting factor linked to heart imbalances).10
  10. The endothelium (inner layer) of your vascular system uses this vital nutrient to produce nitric oxide allowing the body to balance its own blood pressure by dilating or restricting the arterial walls?10
  11. This has a powerful ability to balance the body’s inflammatory situations. It specifically helps normalize fats in the blood.10
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