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  1. All of the following contribute to cholesterol deposition problems EXCEPT:5
  2. Pancreatic enzymes digest food only in the alkaline environment of the __________.5
  3. Utilizing input from other parts of the brain and information received from the blood passing through it, the __________ continuously regulates almost the entire endocrine system.5
  4. Saliva contains all of the following EXCEPT:5
  5. Enzymes found in our food are destroyed with temperatures above what degrees Fahrenheit?5
  6. If there is not enough stomach acid, then sodium and water are taken out of the bile and put back into the blood creating a thick and very sluggish bile. This allows the formation of __________.5
  7. According to this text, what can prevent chronic degenerative diseases?5
  8. People who claim they cannot eat raw food because of the discomfort from intestinal gas are really saying they __________.5
  9. Any means at all of raising energy and __________ will improve the body’s ability to fight the processes that are the true nature of disease.5
  10. We should examine each individual and supply specific __________ when needed to help the body meet increased nutritional demands during periods of stress.5
  11. Hydrochloric acid does not digest food (only enzymes can do that); rather, it kills pathogenic organisms, breaks mineral bonds and activates your __________ enzymes.5
  12. For young, healthy adults, it takes about __________ minutes for the body to form enough hydrochloric acid to begin its digestive work.5
  13. When using a comprehensive method of determining the struggle the body is having to maintain health, we cannot expect to address and correct the root cause of symptoms unless we consider all of the following EXCEPT:5
  14. Which of the following is NOT a minor problem due to enzyme deficiency?5
  15. What has been proven to be effective in dissolving blood clots (fibrinolysis) and restoring normal blood flow?5
  16. Refined sugar use creates deficiencies of __________.5
  17. The enzymes found in all raw foods are the workers responsible for the benefits given to __________, which are called coenzymes and do no have the capacity to do work.5
  18. All enzymes require the following in order to work EXCEPT:5
  19. Any time you extract the active ingredient from food, you create __________ of the synergistic elements that are in the food that the body needs to metabolize the active ingredient.5
  20. Which enzyme should be taken when eating beans in order to break down the sugar molecules to decrease intestinal discomfort and flatulence?5
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