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  1. Depression and anxiety are symptoms of:5
  2. Which of these supplements is NOT used to increase testosterone?5
  3. Which form of an herb provides better health benefits to a client?5
  4. Wild Yam Root helps with thyroid issues such as depression and anxiety.5
  5. This hormone will jump start ovary and testicle production. Do not give it to children, as it can activate the reproductive organs.5
  6. Which of the following has an anti-inflammatory effect and is used to reduce a swollen prostate?5
  7. Traditionally, _________ was used as an anti-depressant.5
  8. This supplement is used for cleansing hormone waste from the liver.5
  9. _________ is an energy booster, mood stabilizer, and anti-inflammatory hormone that is beneficial when used for fibromyalgia.5
  10. When taking hormonal remedies, one should take ____ day(s) off each week.5
  11. In a woman, DHEA is an adrenal hormone and will convert into __________.5
  12. In menopausal women, __________ is a #1 remedy for hot flashes.5
  13. ________ can be used to reduce PSA & estrogen levels in men and is found in cruciferous vegetables and green drink powders.5
  14. _________ binds SHBG to render it inactive and is used as a remedy for kidney, prostate, bladder, and hormonal issues in men.5
  15. _________ is used in younger women, as it balances estrogen and progesterone, while _________ is used in older women to increase the level of estrogen.5
  16. A woman’s body can convert DHEA, pregnenolone, and melatonin into estrogen and progesterone if the _______ is healthy.5
  17. If a PSA test result is high, then thyroid levels should be increased.5
  18. This ovary remedy is used when a woman is having a hard time getting pregnant or has ovarian cysts because it rejuvenates the ovary and increases production of both progesterone and estrogen.5
  19. This phytonutrient stops degenerative genetic changes in the prostate.5
  20. Which one of the following is NOT a remedy for the ovaries?5
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