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  1. The liver’s processing of adrenal & thyroid hormones is enhanced by what two nutrients?10

    Select the two answers that apply.

  2. Which nutrient has Dr. Nuzum personally used for treating goiters?10
  3. Many times the initial step in healing a thyroid is to stabilize the gland by supplying the body with lots of nutrients, especially if the person is taking medication.10
  4. __________ is an herb that improves the body’s sensitivity to thyroid hormones.10
  5. Which herb is often found in formulas used for mental focus and directly affects the thyroid’s production of T4?10
  6. ____________ is an adaptogen that supplies the “nuts and bolts” needed in order for the adrenal glands to rebuild.10
  7. Which adaptogen massively increases immunity, has all the benefits of Ginseng, and enhances physical endurance by helping the mitochondria produce energy longer?10
  8. All of these nutrients are utilized by the thyroid to produce its’ hormones EXCEPT:10
  9. Which adaptogen should not be used when there is a high cortisol level present?10
  10. An adrenal gland issue can be corrected without using adaptogens.10
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