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  1. After clearing the dairy out of someone’s diet, what are the 2 oils that she uses for someone with an ear infection?10
  2. Dr. Mom suggested checking the mother’s diet if an infant has colic. What is one food/drink she mentioned that can cause a lot of colic?10
  3. What does Dr. Mom recommend to use for someone with strep throat?10
  4. Which of these is NOT something Dr. Mom recommends doing with children that have RSV?10
  5. Dr. Mom explained how to do a castor oil pack. It should last 30-60 minutes. First, you put the infant on your lap and cover his/her abdomen in castor oil. Then, you take a warm, moist cloth and lay it over the castor oil. You feel the skin every ??? minute(s). If the skin isn’t extremely oily, then apply more castor oil and replace the warm, moist cloth. How often do you check the skin?10
  6. What essential oil has been scientifically shown to kill gram-positive bacteria?10
  7. What does Dr. Mom recommend to do for someone with a fever?10

    Check all that apply.

  8. Dr. Mom teaches the concept of looking at the body as a whole and not just treating a symptom. For the issue of eczema she gave several recommendations of how to heal the body. Which of these is NOT a recommendation she gave?10
  9. Name three herbs that help an infant with colic.10

    Select all that apply.

  10. A moist heat heals, dry heat kills.10
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