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  1. A few pigments appear in the iris from birth to seven years, but most pigments form after the age of fifty years of age.10
  2. The color of the iris may appear lighter when the pupil is large and darker when the pupil is small.10
  3. Transversals will go back into their normal position when healing takes place.10
  4. Iris photography is being used for identification.10
  5. The pupil will change according to the amount of light in the room, and this will cause the iris fibers to look as if they have moved.10
  6. Healing signs appear within a lacuna after a person is completely well.10
  7. Spinal injury will cause the pupil to become flat in the corresponding area.10
  8. The corneal arcus or cholesterol ring always goes away when the cholesterol levels in the blood come back into balance.10
  9. Another name for cholesterol ring is corneal arcus.10
  10. Iris fiber structure, including lacunae and crypts are there at birth and remain throughout life.10
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