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  1. Iris signs are based on ____________ and structural patterns or deviations within the stroma.10
  2. The cholesterol ring is not considered an iris sign but a ____________ sign.10
  3. The difference between a pinguecula and a pterygium is that a pterygium is made of ____________ tissue and a pinguecula is made of lipids.10
  4. A ____________ field is an area of the iris that a specific organ or part of the body is reacting upon.10
  5. A lacuna is a hole or opening in the stroma that represents a(n) ____________ deficiency.10
  6. Radial fibers or trabeculae are made of ____________.10
  7. The iris sign with light raised fibers called cords next to dark deficient fibers is called ____________.10
  8. A collarette that is raised above a lacuna is a genetic potential sign for ____________.10
  9. ____________ or collagen bundles are usually located in the sixth zone and are a genetic sign.10
  10. A spleen/heart transversal is a genetic ____________ risk potential.10
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