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  1. Two important equations in iridology are: Density = Reaction and Shading = Resilience.10
  2. Reaction is the ability of the body to respond to illness by fighting toxic invaders and retaining nutrients.10
  3. People with a strong iris weave tend to have difficulty releasing toxins.10
  4. Closeness and depth of iris fibers make up the density of fiber structure within the cornea.10
  5. It may be possible to recommend specific job types based on the genetic structure of the iris.10
  6. People with a loose iris weave may have a genetic tendency for hemorrhoids or hernias.10
  7. Iris fibers are also called trabeculae and make up the iris stroma.10
  8. People with a tight weave have stronger immune systems, but people with a loose iris weave tend to have better, more efficient metabolism.10
  9. People with a tight weave are so strong, they never have health concerns.10
  10. The resilience of a person is determined by how tight the fibers are as well as how deep and dense the weave.10
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