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  1. The optic nerve is actually a bundle of about ____________ nerves that connect to the brain, pupillary border and spinal cord.10
  2. The iris fibers made up of blood vessels located in the stroma are also called ____________.10
  3. Between the cornea and the iris is a fluid called the ____________ that nourishes the lens and iris.10
  4. The layer of the iris where the pigment that gives the iris its color is located in the ____________ border layer.10
  5. The ____________ muscle causes the pupil to contract in bright light.10
  6. The ____________ endothelium is the very back layer of the iris and consists of highly pigmented cells that are black.10
  7. The pupillary border is light sensitive and signals the dilator muscle to ____________.10
  8. ____________ = Reactivity or the body’s ability to react to toxins.10
  9. The iris is estimated to have about ____________ nerve endings that go to all parts of the eye and throughout the body.10
  10. The right iris is mostly connected to the left brain hemisphere and reflects activity in mostly the ____________ side of the body.10
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