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  1. The Collarette or Autonomic Nerve Wreath is also called the Large Arterial Muscle.10
  2. Zones 1 and 2 are called the Nutritive Zone.10
  3. The first section of the small intestine is called the pylorus.10
  4. Zone 1 is the area where the stomach is represented and is the Zone of Absorption.10
  5. The skin and the orifices are represented in Zone 7, and this is called the Zone of Elimination.10
  6. Zone 4 represents the muscles and is called the Zone of Ultimate Utilization.10
  7. The pupillary ruff is a black hole that lets in light.10
  8. Zone 6 is the only zone where the lymph system is represented and is called the Zone of Detoxification.10
  9. The pupillary border is an extension of the dilator muscle.10
  10. Zone 3 is called the Zone of Transformation and Distribution and is located just outside the collarette.10
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