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  1. Pigments in the iris were once called ____________________.10
  2. _________________ drew one of the first iris maps in recorded history.10
  3. The collarette represents the ________________ and is also called the small arterial circle.10
  4. In a photograph of a right iris, the pupil will be closest to the _________________ on the right side of the picture.10
  5. A former term in iridology called venous congestion is now called ___________________.10
  6. The side of the iris near the nose is called the _______________ side.10
  7. Projecting colored light into specific areas of the iris to affect a healing response on corresponding regions of the body is called ____________________.10
  8. A _____________________ is the area of an iris that the organ reacts upon.10
  9. The iris has over _________________ nerve endings.10
  10. It is important for iridologists to use an iris map that is up to date with the latest ___________________.10
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