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  1. The great healer, Paracelsus, stated, “Behold the eyes, behold the body.”10
  2. Philippus Meyens described an organ division of the iris according to body regions.10
  3. Iridology has been in existence about 2,000 years.10
  4. The term iris stems from the Roman word meaning rainbow.10
  5. German iridologist, Josef Deck wrote books, did important research and founded an institute for iridology research.10
  6. Credit to the true discovery of iridology was given to Hippocrates.10
  7. Pastor Emmanuel Felke was sentenced to prison for his work with iridology.10
  8. The term Comprehensive Iridology ™ was established by the International Iridology Practitioners Association to describe the best iridology standards based on clinical research approved by IIPA today.10
  9. Some of the first people to practice iridology were the Chaldeans.10
  10. Jorgan Bernard Jensen wrote two important volumes in iridology and has been credited for keeping iridology alive in the United States.10
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