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  1. The vessel that runs parallel to the iris and is an indicator to pay attention to the organs reflected there is called the ____________.10
  2. A ____________ is made up of a type of scar tissue that can spread over the pupil and cause blindness if not treated properly.10
  3. The vessel that has one or more loops and is a sign of weakening blood vessels and possible change in blood flow is called the ____________.10
  4. If a lunula is found in the right eye, it suggests a very slow pulse called ____________.10
  5. If a person has diabetes and suffers from skin rashes caused by fungus, it is likely they will have a ____________ sign in the sclera.10
  6. ____________ in the sclera look like tiny red pearls caused by a lack of tone in the vessels that may cause circulatory stagnation.10
  7. If a person has had an injury to the head and is suffering from vertigo, the sign to look for in the sclera is the ____________.10
  8. The sclera or white fibrous protective outer layer of the eye is continuous with the ____________ and helps to maintain the shape of the eye.10
  9. The ____________ is a thin outer layer of the sclera where most of the blood vessels are located.10
  10. If a person suffers with migraines and allergies, it is likely that they will have ____________ around the outer edge of the iris.10
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