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  1. People who have cold hands and feet or skin congestion, often have ____________ furrows.10
  2. Contraction furrows are affected by the ____________ membrane that will have wavy areas along the surface causing grooves in the iris stroma.10
  3. ____________ furrows go around the iris side by side and are evenly spaced.10
  4. People who have migraines, vertigo, or epileptic seizures often have ____________ furrows.10
  5. When a person heals the imbalances in the body caused by stress, the ____________ comes back into balance and this will cause the contraction furrows to soften or look like they have gone away.10
  6. Because contraction furrows represent a tendency for tension and stress, the people are usually deficient in ____________.10
  7. Intersecting furrows cross over each other and represent an area of ____________ nerve energy.10
  8. ____________ furrows are found in zone 3 or the zone of the blood and the lymph.10
  9. With sectoral opening of furrows, the iridologist should look to the corresponding area of the ____________ to discern the area of the spine that may be involved.10
  10. Contraction furrows appear deeper when the pupil is ____________, pushing the fibers out toward the iris edge10
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