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  1. All three syndromes are found in a polyglandular iris subtype, but are never genetic.10
  2. Enzymes, acidophilus, and flaxseed tea are most beneficial for people with the Cardio-Abdominal Syndrome.10
  3. People with the Cardio-Renal Syndrome often suffer from fear and insecurities.10
  4. People with the Cardio-Abdominal Syndrome, may experience pressure in the heart area due to intestinal and abdominal abnormalities.10
  5. With the Cardio-Abdominal Syndrome, the person will always have lacuna in the heart reaction field as well as in the splenic flexure area.10
  6. The three important syndromes in iridology were discovered and researched by Dr. Joseph Angerer of Germany.10
  7. A person with pain and swelling in the legs, chest pains, and kidney problems, probably has the Pancreatic Syndrome.10
  8. A person with lacuna or honeycomb crypts in the pancreas, lung, and nasal reaction fields has the Pancreas Triad or Pancreatic Syndrome.10
  9. A person suffering with heart and kidney disorders probably has inherited the Cardio-Abdominal Syndrome.10
  10. People who suffer with blood sugar imbalances, difficulties breathing, and tendency to snore a lot usually have inherited the Pancreatic Syndrome.10
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