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  1. The normal or balanced ____________ of the collarette is about one third the way out from the pupil.10
  2. When the collarette is extremely white and indented toward the pupil, and these people tend to have nervousness and acid reflux, the collarette is called a(n) ____________ collarette.10
  3. The collarette surrounds zone number two or the zone of ____________.10
  4. When the collarette is ____________ , symptoms may be sluggish peristalsis, frequent urination, bloating, and menstrual cramping.10
  5. Another name for the collarette is the small ____________ circle.10
  6. ____________ are a sign of a familial history of bowel disorders.10
  7. When the collarette is ____________, it is very close to the pupil.10
  8. A person with a(n) ____________ collarette, tends to have mood swings, as well as a tendency for constipation at times and loose stools at times.10
  9. People who tend to have mood swings with blood sugar highs and lows and a lowered immune function often have a(n) ____________ collarette.10
  10. People with excessive nerve energy, tendency for cramping and allergies often have a(n) ____________ collarette.10
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