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  1. The overall structure of the iris is determined by genetics and remains the same throughout life.10
  2. People with a neurogenic subtype have very loose fibers and are very nervous people.10
  3. The only iris fibers that change throughout life are those of the polyglandular subtype.10
  4. In the study done in Russia by Dr. Victor Yakymovych, it was found that the category with the neurogenic types proved to be the most reliable and missed the least amount of days of work.10
  5. The iris subtype of a person with scoliosis is most likely to be the anxiety tetanic pattern.10
  6. The iris subtype of a person most likely to crave sweets is the neurogenic.10
  7. The best foods for people with the anxiety tetanic iris pattern are those foods high in B vitamins and minerals.10
  8. People who bruise easily and tend to have hemorrhoids and varicose veins often have connective tissue iris subtypes.10
  9. Highly sensitive people who resist illness well and recover fairly quickly are neurogenic subtypes.10
  10. The iris pattern of the anxiety tetanic is caused from severe stress in one’s life.10
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