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  1. The subtype by color that is not a subtype of the lymphatic type is ____________.10
  2. A person’s constitution can be examined by looking at both the color of the iris and the ____________.10
  3. If a person had difficulty with digestion and liver disturbances, what iris constitution based on color would they be likely to have?10
  4. The only subtype by color of the hematogenic type is ____________.10
  5. If a person had a dark brown iris and tended to have anemia and problems with circulation, what iris constitution would they have?10
  6. The constitutions based on color were first derived and taught by ____________.10
  7. When observing the iris of an individual, it is important for the iridologist to follow the ____________ equation to best determine a person’s overall state of health.10
  8. Lipemic Diathesis is a ____________ sign and not an iris sign.10
  9. ____________ is one of the most helpful things a person who is a lymphatic type can do to keep the lymph flowing.10
  10. The subtype by color that is not a subtype of the biliary type is ____________.10
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