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  1. Iridology is the study of the color, pigmentations and ____________________ of the iris.10
  2. As iridologists, we must use proper ____________________ wording when working with our clients.10
  3. People with a mixed iris color have a tendency for ____________________ disorders.10
  4. Iridology helps to determine where inherent strengths and ___________________ are located in the body.10
  5. Iridology is one of the best _____________________ tools to discover areas of strength and deficiency in the body.10
  6. Iridology is a tool to help the iridologist analyze the iris, but it does not give specific ____________________.10
  7. A good iridologist will observe both the signs in the iris as well as signs on the ____________________.10
  8. Genetic deficiencies in the body are represented in corresponding areas of the iris as structural ____________________.10
  9. Iridologists should ask ____________________ before looking into a person’s eyes.10
  10. People with a ____________________ iris color have a tendency toward blood disorders.10
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