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  1. Application of water (wet towel) is effective because by nature essential oils are:10
  2. Determinations on how to apply these therapies:10
  3. Application of a hot, dry towel will help push the oils deeper into the body?10
  4. On spinal application, what direction is used for the feathering technique?10
  5. Essential oil applications can effectively be combined with:10

    Check all that apply.

  6. In the United States, application of essential oils to the spine by a non-licensed practitioner is:10
  7. The primary purpose in applying a dry towel following a hot, wet towel is to?10
  8. Application of essential oils to the spine and feet transport nutrients throughout the body because:10
  9. Prior to applying ANY essential oil ensure that you ask the client:10
  10. Whenever applying essential oils directly to the skin, we recommend, for safety, that you have on hand?10
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