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  1. Because silver molecules must come in contact with the pathogenic organism to result in the electronic exchange that eliminates the pathogen, silver solutions have been effectively used in what ways?10

    Check all that apply. This list is for your information. We in no way recommend Master Herbalists utilizing all the options below.

  2. Traditional silver solutions have a single available electron per particle that allows for each particle of silver to eliminate a single cell of the pathogenic organism. Modern science breakthroughs have allowed for a patented creation of a silver solution that has 2 available electrons that interact with each other allowing for exchange and regeneration – meaning that a single particle of silver can eliminate how many pathogenic cells?10
  3. This patented dual-electron silver solution resonates at the same frequency that germicidal bulbs in hospitals and labs use to kill pathogens. This frequency is between:10
  4. Research on the effect that silver solutions have on pathogenic organisms have found the most effective concentration of silver to be:10
  5. Why are silver solutions not susceptible to pathogenic organism mutation like all modern pharmaceutical options?10
  6. The proper definition of silver solutions would be:10
  7. Laboratory studies indicate that in the case of strep infection, silver solutions need to stay in contact with the infected tissue between:10
  8. Which of the following is NOT part of the “parachute principle of preparedness” taught by Professor Smith?10
  9. Silver solutions are effective because they allow an ion exchange that takes place between a properly suspended silver particle and a single-celled pathogenic organism. Which one of the following is NOT recognized as a category of pathogenic organisms that silver is effective against?10
  10. Silver solutions have been proven in the laboratories to be effective against a common, modern infection. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) this infection “has become the most common cause of soft tissue and skin infections among the emergency department patients in the U.S.” What infection is this referring to?10
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