Please read the following hypothetical clinical example and then submit your suggestions. This may not just be from information that you have learned from this e-Learning Module. Include any and all suggestions that you would make in a clinical setting. Once you have completed your recommendations submit your practicum answers to your Clinical Adviser. This will then be reviewed by your Clinical Adviser. You will receive email feedback with any suggestions. Allow 1 to 2 weeks for feedback from your Clinical Adviser.

Submit practicums individually.  You can type directly into an email or attach a word processing document.

When submitting your practicum make sure that you include the following:
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Term: Term 2 – Traditional Herbology
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Male, 52 years old, 5’9″, 189 pounds. It is the 3rd week of February and the weather has been very damp and cold.

He seems very sluggish and in pain when he speaks or moves his head very fast.  He is carrying excess abdominal fat and you suspect he is likely effected by Metabolic Syndrome X.  He has a dry cough on and off through the entire discussion.  He just suppresses it by popping sugar free cough drops one after another during your initial visit.

He is seeing you because his wife made him come in to see if there was an alternative option for his, what he calls, “just a little cold.”  Upon further discussion, you find out that he has been suffering with a severe sore throat for about 3 weeks.  He has a dark, thick mucus that he coughs up and very thick mucus in his nasal passages.  He also admits that the only reason that he let his wife talk him into coming in was that he had not slept the entire night before because of extreme, painful pressure inside his left ear.



Male, 62 years old, 5’8″, 190 pounds.

He carries his extra pounds in the abdominal region.

He states that stress is his middle name. He has been unable to keep his blood pressure under control and it is threatening his occupation.  He drives truck for a living. He has heard that there are some natural herbs that might fix his blood pressure and he wants to get it under control. He drinks coffee all day long but it doesn’t give him energy. Recently he started to drink Red Bull to try and get some energy. He shrugs his shoulders and says “it’s hard to eat right out on the road” when you ask him about his diet.  He doesn’t take any supplements. His DOT (Department of Transportation) physical is coming up and he has to get his blood pressure down to pass the physical.

He has been on high cholesterol & high blood pressure meds for about 2 years. His father died early of a stroke and his mother is type 2 diabetic. His wife is also overweight as they enjoy eating out when he is in town. He mentioned that his ears started to ring, although he doesn’t notice it unless it is quiet.

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