In this lecture Dr. Hollist will outline considerations when outlining a successful liver cleanse protocol. These groundbreaking techniques expand the concept of both type one and type two liver dysfunction.

Owing primarily to our toxic modern obsession with chemicals in our environment, homes, food and body, understanding ethical and effective protocols for cleansing the liver has never been more important for trained Master Herbalists and Advanced Nutrition Consultants. This Module is dedicated to understanding herbal and nutritional combinations, as well as proper dietary guidelines for liver cleanses.

**NOTE There is one other supplement that is not shown on the Liver Cleanse flyer.  For people with chronic inflammation we find a strong dose of a curcumin (a turmeric extract) is useful.  We usually do the same dose as we do of cordyceps.


Be sure to take the lesson quiz.  Our purpose in quizzing you is to ensure you are learning the material.  Please review your answers and rewatch this module as needed to ensure you are receiving a sound education.


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