In this project you will employ the use of the assessment techniques you have learned in both Terms 3 and Term 4.  In a practical setting, the use of the assessment points will not be divided into digestive separate from body system. In like manner, this project will combine the points from both terms.  If you attended the Term 4 class and have not attended Term 3, you will need to wait to complete this final project until you attend the Term 3 class.


  • Complete this practicum on 4 people – send in 4 completed yellow sheets (front and back)
  • Assess a minimum of 7 points on each person (at least 2 on each side)
  • Employ Neuro-Lingual Assessment (NLA) on a minimum of one point per person
  • Ensure that your name as the practitioner is written at the top of the page along with the person you are working on
  • You can only use the client’s first name for their comfort – make sure they know you will be sharing this sheet with your Clinical Advisor
  • Since you are sharing the sheet DO NOT put any medical information or doctor’s diagnosis on the sheet
  • Email the 4 completed yellow sheets titled “Naturopathic Functional Evaluation”  (front and back) to Mindy Wade Genderon –
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