You must first complete Practicum – Term 1 before viewing this Lesson

You CANNOT complete this until after attending the live class.  You must turn in the results from 5 Authentic Touch sessions.  Utilize the provided practicum certification form that requires the clients signature to verify that you have completed it.  Please note that unlike the tear-off sheet, you must list each of the oils you pulse tested, you do not have to test 10, but list all the oils that you tested until you found the one that balanced the client.  In these sessions you will fill out the complete tear-off sheet for your client. However, depending of your style of practice, you do not have to do a spinal essential oil application or use tuning forks on all 5 practicum participants.  You only have to do the essential oil spinal application (Authentic Touch) on 1 of the 5.  If your state or local regulations prohibit doing this treatment on clients, then we recommend doing this on a family or friend for practice purposes only.  Along with the practicum certification sheet, you must also turn in a copy of one of the 5 tear-off sheets filled out including which of the 3 essential oil spinal applications you employed.

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