Points of note not discussed within these lectures:
– These applications described are for general reference.  Adjust application practices when you are applying oils to someone with sensitive skin and when applying oils to children.  Be especially careful and avoid oils such as oregano that might cause irritation.
– These application principles can be very effectively combined with a many other types of therapies such as acupressure, reflexology, sonic or tuning fork therapy, napropathy and so on.
– When applying acupressure to the bottom of the feet, be aware that sensitivity on the bottom of the feet is common.  Prior to any acupressure oil application, palpate the feet for sensitivity. None of these therapies are effective if you are causing any discomfort. There is a belief that some massage styles need to hurt but will help in the long run.  These application techniques DO NOT follow that idea.  Don’t cause discomfort for any reason.

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