Clarification Note: In this recording I discussed how the earth element had a heavy tie to immune function. Afterwards, it was brought to my attention that it had confused some of you who had been properly taught that the metal element was the key link to immune function. In way of clarifying, it is often taught that the metal element is a “shield” or the first line of defense in the immune system. This is correct. What we have not yet went into thus far in your e-Learning Modules is specific immunology and helping you understand that your body doesn’t have an immune system, your body is an immune system. What I mean by that, is that every system in your body has a dedicated function of that system that is a specific immunological process. I will often explain this by saying that each system of the body has its own “special forces” that are responsible for protection and defense against pathogenic invasion. So your body’s “immune system” is really a concert of the immune responses of all of these sub systems. Getting back to the 5 Element confusion, the metal element is often referred to as the “shield” or “protective” element. However, if you look at your charts, the earth element is the operator element responsible for generating and building the metal element. That is why you heard me often refer that the earth element had everything to do with the immune function. I hope this clears up the immune questions. And I promise in coming lectures you will begin to more properly identify your body as an immune system, rather than having an immune system.


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