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NOTE: In the e-Learning Video “Candida and Fungus Balancing” one point that was not discussed is the link between candida overgrowth and food cravings. The reason it is important to clarify this, is because you will find for many people they don’t think they can do the candida cleanse because of the strict diet. They feel a lot of guilt over what they deem as low self control over their food cravings. When you help them see that it is not sugar they are addicted to or craving, but rather it is the candida that is craving the sugar and refined carbohydrates and releasing the toxins that cause such overwhelming cravings, they begin to have hope that they can overcome it. Once they understand this, they will often let go of the guilt that they were feeling over low self control. By recognizing where those cravings have come from, they will find the strength and courage to go through the candida protocol. As a practitioner, part of your job is giving them hope and helping them see the benefits of taking care of their health, which includes balancing their food cravings and feeling better about themselves.


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